Phaffing to the South - My Africa cycle Trip

Travel from Germany to Namibia with a Bicycle.

Welcome to my Website, Paffing to the South. My Name is Klaus Bachhofer. This Website is for all the experiences that I want to share, to tell you what I have gone through and what I will discover while I cycle from Germany to Namibia.  I am planning on updating this website every week or so, depending on the time and Internet connection that are available to me.

When I tell people what I have planned and I give them the address for my webside, the first Question is. What does "phaffing" mean?

Phaffing - Activity that looks (to the casual observer) like work, but is not really all that productive, and in fact be
                  time wasting.

I hope that you enjoy the site as much as I do writing it.

 Distance traveled thus far   =                     0 km

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